Manufacture made in Italy

Baloo Gioielli is the story of the Sculco family which since the mid-19th century has honored the goldsmith's art through the production of elegant and refined jewellery. It all began in a small laboratory where the first creations established the taste and harmony of classical antiquity and the Magna Graecia tradition.

Craftsmanship, supported by the entrepreneurial spirit carried forward by today's generations

In the 1980s the company opened the first goldsmith's workshop in Florence and after a few years began collaborating with famous architects for the design and creation of jewels of absolute aesthetic, social and human value, sold in New York, Berlin and Japan. . In tune with the evolution of fashion and culture, our jewels have achieved the right balance between tradition and innovation which has allowed us to be appreciated in the most important international markets.

Who we are

Baloo Gioielli creates jewelery in 9, 14, 18 and 21 karat gold enriched with precious and semi-precious stones. To the gold production it was decided to add that in 925 silver plated in 24 carat 1 micron gold.

Charm and elegance

Our jewels represent the elegance of the best Made in Italy tradition, combining an innate aesthetic charm with the finest workmanship.

Designed, elaborated, strung, modeled and finished one by one exclusively by our expert goldsmiths, the jewels are made with absolute precision and high quality.

Customizable jewelry

All production processes are carried out in our company, from design to design, casting, finishing, setting, galvanic, quality control and marketing. For this reason our jewels can be customized according to the needs of individual customers, in the choice of carat weight, stones and also in the creation of models designed and created for our buyers. All this has allowed us to become a competitive and reliable company present in the most important international fairs and capable of making known and exporting the elegance of Italian style throughout the world.

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